About Ellen

Compassionate. Light-hearted. Thorough. Uniquely capable of telling your love story.

For all her life, Ellen has had a distinct passion for visual artistry, music, and the power of verbal expression. As a profoundly sentimental and nostalgic individual, the preservation of memories is an integral part of how she receives and expresses her affection for others. She has found that wedding cinematography is the perfect balance of the artistic elements which resonate with her most deeply. The pursuit of emotive storytelling brings Ellen unparalleled fulfillment and purpose.

When my husband and I were married several years ago, we were fairly young with a modest budget and unable to invest in a wedding cinematographer of the quality and caliber we dreamed of. The lower-investment options we could find did not feel right to us; we didn't feel like we could trust them to tell our story in an artful and authentic way. We made the difficult decision to forego hiring a wedding cinematographer.

Our wedding day was beautiful, and at our wedding reception my father and little sister absolutely blew me away by giving the most poignant heartfelt speeches. I'm extremely close with both of them, and I know the words they spoke impacted me deeply - yet, it pains me to say that I cannot remember what they said. What I wouldn't give to be able to relive those moments, to go back and listen to those once-in-a-lifetime words spoken.

The human capacity for memory is so limited, and I get a twinge of regret every time I realize those memories are lost. All these years later, I'm now in the position where I can provide my wedding couples with the most beautiful gift: My couples will never have to live without such cherished memories the way that I did. That is why I approach my craft with such meticulous intentionality.

“The human capacity for memory is so limited. That is why I approach my craft with such meticulous intentionality."


“Ellen sees an event the way a painter sees a canvas. She is absolutely incredible at creating, story-telling, and being the best person you can have by your side on your wedding day."

Chelsey & Jordan

Wedding day storytelling for generations to come.