Working with Ellen

Transform the magic of your wedding day into cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Ellen believes that each couple deserves to work with a cinematographer whose style feels 100% right to them on a personal level. A wedding day is far too important, far too sacred, to compromise on quality or level of comfort between the videographer and the couple. For this reason, Ellen exclusively works with couples whose vision and values are naturally in alignment with her own. She approaches wedding days by capturing a lovely balance of grand, cinematic-style footage as well as cherished real-time moments with spoken word artfully woven together to create a powerful love story. 

Ellen highly prioritizes working with couples who are unreserved in their physical affection and emotion with one another, incorporate personally written and heartfelt vows (either in private or during the ceremony), and aim to throw a highly refined and curated party with the best vendors, venue, and people. Ellen's couples typically prioritize hiring her because, above all, it's important to them that she captures how their day felt, and the profound love present throughout the day.


“The way Ellen was able to capture our love is a true gift she has been blessed with. She exceeded my expectations beyond words."

Erin & Adammichael

Wedding day storytelling for generations to come.